Stop Guessing. Start Catching.

The world of trout is constantly changing and moving. River levels rise and fall. Trout move from the bottom of the water to the surface, feeding on unknown insects. The angler is left with the perennial questions of “What are they biting on?” & “What flies should I use?”


River Oracle has emerged to demystify the world of trout with innovative tools, products, and educational content, allowing the angler to quickly and easily match the hatch and catch more fish every trip to the river. The domain of trout is not as mysterious as we’ve been led to believe. Instead, it is ruled by patterns and cycles, which have been recorded by science. River Oracle was founded by aquatic biologist Peter Stitcher, with the purpose of equipping anglers to read the cues of the water, assemble that information in their fly box, and quickly choose the best fly pattern.


Our innovative tools allow the angler to view a detailed menu of the insects and life cycle that the fish are feeding on, and anticipate the next hatch in order to be ready with the perfect fly pattern. River Oracle videos and downloadable content for the angler on the go provide a step-by-step tour through the life of trout foods and the flies that match them at every step. Blindly picking flies and frustrated days on the water are now a thing of the past. Get ready to stop fishing harder and start fishing smarter!

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